spanish assistance in the library

Description: 6th grade project: food (1st and 6th)
from either mexico argentina or Spain...they may use suggested links from powerschool or utilize their own sources.
they must inform the sub what they have selected
they can sign up next week to potentially bring in the dishes that were researched
they can print out the recipe as they will need to create a recipe card with the information front: ENglish and the back is in spanish
kids must get section 1 approved with teacher prior to starting section 2...use drive to write out your notes if you desire
Copy and decorate their notecard as the final step
if they finish them with their name on the card,,,,sub will keep them
answer all section 1 questions...figure out what they mean
Room: Lower School - 1- Susan Fisher
Start Time: Period - 1, Friday 04 May 2018
Duration: 1 periods
End Time: Period - 1, Friday 04 May 2018
Type: PE
Created By: susan.fisher
Last Updated: 10:06:42AM - Wednesday 02 May 2018
Repeat Type: None
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